Thursday 10 April 2014

General Silence, Insanely Motivated

   You may have noticed that I've been being quiet lately. In truth, similarly to my last post a week ago, I've been focusing on my writing. Completely. Not a moment goes by that my mind isn't bent on it. I've felt the biggest bout of motivation I think I've ever had, so I used it to my advantage. Rather than write write write write write until I burned out, I opted to go and do the one thing I dread: reading it through from page 1. I dread this because the first few chapters are usually terribly written, characters are inconsistent with anything I've recently written because they've developed since then, and it generally fills me with hopelessness. But I decided that if there was any time to do it, it was now.
   And was I in for a shock.
   For once, the first few chapters were actually good. Well-written, characters were consistent, and next to nothing needed tweaking. I even enjoyed reading them. In truth, I had to go back and read through chapters 6-10 to pick up some notes for where I am now. Sometimes things happen in a book that don't seem significant even to the writer at the time, but all of a sudden, a little ways down the road, they're surprisingly important. So I needed these notes, but thought to myself 'Would it really be so hard to read chapters 1-5 as well?' No, it wouldn't.
   As it stands I'm currently reading through chapter 13, though I had to read a handful of them again after I made necessary adjustments (at some points I was just frowning at the computer thinking 'what the hell are these people talking about?' - clearly they couldn't just be left alone if I didn't understand!), and I'm hoping to finish reading 13-16 tonight, and I'll be able to continue writing 17 with confidence and the notes I need.

   Yes, I'm still feeling pretty obsessive over it right now, it's more or less the only thing on my mind, and most other things have been completely pushed aside. The one thing that hasn't changed is my exercise - I've been shredding every day, I'll write about Level 1 soon - but I admit I have abandoned my evening workouts while I've been reading my work through because there aren't enough hours in the day. Literally. In the past I've thought to myself 'oh there aren't enough hours in the day!' usually around Christmas with a flood of Etsy orders, but never have I actually thought 'I wish there were more hours in the day' - if days were 3 times as long right now, I'd be happy.

   But this is why I've been silent. I promise I'll return soon with tutorials, posts, features, product reviews and so on! I will!


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