Friday 7 June 2013

Tophatter After-Effects

   Be wary if you decide to do an auction on Tophatter. They have told a few of my auction winners that they will receive their package within 5 days. That's just not true. I'm in the UK for goodness' sake! The auction was nothing but trouble for me, personally - I moved a lot of stuff, but I ended up losing a lot of money - money I couldn't afford to lose - and now I have angry customers asking where their products are, not to mention trouble I've had with the US post offices. Great fun.

   I am concerned about the well-being of my shop, now, too. If these customers leave me negative feedback on Tophatter because of these things, I'm not bothered, because I won't be using it again. But if they start publicly bashing me and my shop due to things that are not my fault at all, then things could end up going very badly for me.

   If you do decide to work with Tophatter, please also read my Tophattter experience that was posted over on Etsian Ballyhoo - this was written before all of this postage nonsense had happened, and so is a little more positive. A little more positive.


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