Saturday 29 June 2013

New Bat Plush PDF Pattern Available!

Yesterday I spent hours stitching together this bat plush, and this morning I listed the PDF pattern for it! All the patterns are now £4 or $6 a piece, and instant download! I have a few others I'm working on that I'm hoping to get up in the next couple of days!


  1. Hello!
    I just found this post and I instantly fell in love with this bat plush, is it still possible to get the pattern? I know the post is pretty old, and the pattern seems to have been taken down from Etsy, but I really really like it. It's so cute!
    Thank you very much in advance, and have a great day

    1. Absolutely! Comment with your email address and I'll send it over!
      (worry not - all comments are moderated, so I have to approve them before they're posted, and I will not post your email address)


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