Wednesday 12 June 2013

Urban Workout DVD Review

Price: £3
No equipment needed.

   This is the only DVD I have at this point which isn't a 10 Minute Solutions one. I bought this DVD from Amazon because it was £3 and I didn't really have any 10MS DVDs in mind to get. I figured - like I did with my first 10MS - that £3 was worth the chance, so I bought it. I figured it would be similar to the hip hop dance DVD I had, but, because it wasn't my usual brand, I was hesitant to use it. I think I had it sat in my collection for almost 3 weeks before I finally decided to try it.
   I love it.
   It was similar to my usual DVDs because it was split into 5 uneven sections - warm up, (about 7 minutes) slo and lo (about 15), mid section (15 again), hard and heavy (15 again), and cool down (about 7 again). It didn't have a feature to jumble them up, however, and neither did the dancers change their clothes, which made the DVD more tiresome, but each section was a different chapter, so you could easily skip the bits you didn't want to do. There were 5 background dancers, which was also new to me, but they weren't too distracting. The music was also quite different, because, unlike my usual which was just music, this DVD actually had R&B (I think) chart songs. I even knew some of them, surprisingly. It was definitely not the kind of music I would listen to usually, but it was so amazing to dance to. It got to a point that I would just put the DVD on, and start dancing while it was just the title screen, because it was so very easy to move to. When it comes down to exercising, music is important, and while I'm not keen on that genre, there's no doubt at all that it's easy to move to, and it really helps with the exercising to have a good beat like that.

   Some of the moves are kind of hard, but you have more time to learn them since the warm up and cool down are not connected to the individual sections. This also means that the routines are much longer, and repeat more often. They also add a new move to the end of the routine each time you run through it, but towards the end of one or two of the sections, a move is added which doesn't get repeated the final time through. There's little time to take a breather, but if you plan to see the whole DVD through from start to finish, you can always take a second off to have a drink.

   This DVD is amazing, and just like the others, I believe it's worth a lot more than it's being sold for. It's so amazing, so much fun, and it's got a lot of moves that I've never seen before. The music is great, though not what I would usually listen to, but despite that, it really encourages me when it starts up. I highly recommend this DVD, but only if you have a little bit of experience. It's not really suited for beginners.

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