Tuesday 2 April 2013

Still Looking for Guest Bloggers

   I'm still looking for 6 people to guest post while I'm out of the country between Saturday April the 13th to Thursday April the 18th. I want full posts emailed to me, preferrably in HTML. You can include pictures, links, videos and so on, and while you can blog about just about anything, I do not want any posts that contain the following:
• Racism
• Nudity
• Religion
• Politics
• Homophobia

   This is not a case of first-come-first-served, instead it will only be the first six good posts I receive. If you write a post I don't like or don't think my readers will be interested in, it will not be chosen. If you have been picked, however, you will be notified and your post will be scheduled, and the number at the top of the blog beneath the header will decrease with every post I accept.
   No more than six will be posted while I'm away, one a day. If I receive less than 6, then they will receive between 1.5 - 2 days a piece.
   If I receive posts later than the date stated below, or I receive more than 6 good ones, then extra posts may be scheduled once I return.

   Some example subjects (you are not limited to the following): your Etsy shop; your favourite Etsy shop; a tutorial; a project you worked/are working on; fashion post; advice; etc


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