Thursday 11 April 2013

Off We Go!

   Well, Seeg and I are off to The Netherlands tomorrow. Our flight leaves at 15:20, but at least that means there's no rushing around super early in the morning. I can't stand that. We're just about all packed up and ready to go, barring a few necessities like shampoo and toothpaste, and then tomorrow afternoon we're leaving.
   Like last time, Seeg is getting another wisdom tooth removed, so it's not as much fun for him as for me. Aside from that, this time we're both more prepared. Neither of us had had teeth out before so we weren't prepared for how bad he was going to feel. I had thought he'd feel better the next day, but the pain and crappy feelings lasted the remainder of the trip, which was hard for me, because I wanted to go out and see the place, naturally. We did end up going out each day, even if it was just to buy soup (and loads of Dutch chocolate), but this time I am prepared to stay in. I've got a brand new sketch book, brand new pencils, some paint brushes and ink, and I've got my Monster Book of Manga and a couple of other drawing books. We're also bringing the World of Warcraft trading cards we've got, and I've got my writing. Then, Seeg's brother also has an xbox, so if need be, there's always Skyrim or Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. So I'm quite prepared to stay in!

   I'm lining a few posts up for while we're gone, but if there is anything important I have to say, then I will update. Otherwise, you won't be hearing many present thoughts from me until we're back on the 20th!
   I can still reply to messages and comments, however, so you can still get ahold of me, and the same goes for my Etsy shop too, but any orders placed while we're away won't be shipped until we're back.
   There is an upside, though: any orders that are placed within the week we're away will get a free gift to say thanks for ordering, and thanks for their patience. I quite like the little gifts, and have kept a pair for myself!

   We're not the only ones going away soon, either! VividPlease are also off on a surprise vacation, but since they're going to be gone for so long, they have a wonderful friend helping them out with their shop, sending orders out. That's fantastic stuff, right there. If I was going to be away for 3 weeks, I think I'd be quite happy to have a friend do that for me. They'd better bring them back lots of presents!!

   If I come across anything nice, there might even be a giveaway once we're back, too! Stay smiling!

Here's hoping his street doesn't look like this again this time.


  1. Living in the Netherlands, I can tell you that it doesn't look like this now. On sunday it will be 21 degrees!

    1. Good grief! Thanks so much for this perfectly timed comment! I'll be sure to pack some t-shirts! :D

    2. Ooh you really were right, that was the first heat I've felt since Summer! It's the first time this year I've not needed a coat! Thank you for the heads up!


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