Sunday 30 December 2012

Seeg's Birthday

   Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye. I got so excited for months, and it was over just like that. Needless to say, I am certainly suffering the post-Christmas blues. However, I am quite lucky. My lovely Seeg's birthday was on the 28th of December, and my own birthday comes on January the 9th, which means the festivities spread over the course of 2 weeks, so, fortunately, my post-Christmas blues are not as bad as they could have been.

   Seeg's birthday was wonderful (I'll get to Christmas eventually in another post, I'm sure). We stayed in all day, since that's what we're happy to do (but we'll be celebrating both mine and his when we go out to see The Hobbit on the 4th, and then go out for dinner), and he had all his presents quite soon. I made him cakes, since he prefers my small cakes to big ones, and, following the accidental oriental theme of the day, I decided to make them Japanese Cherry Blossoms - or as close as I could get.

   I used fondant, pearlescent white and silky peach lustre dust, and some sugarflair pens (liquorice, peach and sundae pink), then plonked them on top of the cakes. I know he doesn't much like decorated cakes, so I didn't fix the fondant down with anything like you should, that way he could just take it off if he didn't like it. He was impressed with my design, and as my dad said: "I bet you think you're really clever now, don't you?" (Yes, I do a little bit.)
   Considering that cake-based things rarely go right for me, I am dead pleased with how they turned out. The picture below is a bit poor, though, because of lighting, so it seems a bit busier than they were.

Cherry Blossom trees, floating blossoms, and "二十三" which is 23 in Japanese (2 x 10 + 3)

   The presents were very well-received, too. I was so pleased! I felt that one of the three I bought for him was a gamble - he might have thought it was awesome, or he might have thought it was sort of "meh", so I gave him that one first. It was a sake set I bought from Mount Fuji, after seeing some while looking on other websites for swords, but after also finding sake on their website, too, I decided to add more to it. I ended up buying a sake set, 3 small bottles of sake, and 3 different packs of rice crackers, all of which have been imported by the website from Japan. He loved it, because he said it was very unexpected.
   He loves the sword, too, but he said that that one was expected, which was why I never let him see the wrapped box until he could actually open it. I also bought him a t-shirt from Red Bubble of a Kabuto mask. Not a huge number of presents, but it meets the budget we set of 3 gifts each :D You can see them all below (sorry for the poor picture, I didn't know where to photograph any of it!)

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and have a lovely new year. I doubt I'll be posting much at the moment because I'm swamped with...well, not much work. I'm working on some very limited edition Valentine baby monsters, I have an email that I MUST write out at some point, and I also recently decided to try and play Mass Effect (note: I cannot shoot for wine gums, so I've never played a gun-based game before. Fortunately, in Mass Effect, there are 2 NPCs with you, so it's not all on me. I expect Wrex and Liara will be my team mates, and either Thane or Legion in ME2 with Kasumi or Samara, and Liara again in ME3 with...Garrus, I guess. Most of the cool guys are either dead or preoccupied.) and I also braved a strategy game. I started simple with Warcraft 3 and got on well enough! So I'm keeping myself busy over this holiday period!


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