Monday 17 December 2012

DIY Confetti Tape

   Perfect for adding to gifts this year, this DIY confetti tape is so easy! And if you  make
it yourself, you can use any paper colour or pattern you want, allowing you to further
theme your gift wrapping!

   Using a hole/paper punch, punch out lots of bits of paper. You'll need a lot, so be sure you have a good amount, and that you either have a pot to collect the punchings in, or that your punch has a secure collection base. You could also tear off the strip of paper you've just punched, and do it again. You can use these as paper ribbons.
   Stick down a strip of double-sided tape and peel off the backing.

   Using the punchings, sprinkle them over the tape and press them down. You will need to apply them individually to cover all the remaining bare sticky bits, or fluff bunnies will find their way over and then get stuck. If you've used a big circle cutter (about 1cm at least) then you probably want to put them on individually anyway.

   You can use the strips of punched and torn paper to make little bows or to wrap around the gift as a finishing touch. I used this as part of my own wrapping for 2012.


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