Monday 17 December 2012

Gift Wrapping 2012

   I love gift wrapping. Most of the time I do it for my own benefit. I know that the majority of people I give gifts to won't look twice at the paper it's wrapped in, I do it purely for the creativity, and because I know that my gifts are one notch above everyone else's, even if it's just by initial asthetics. And that's enough. Unless they truly hate the present, of course.

   Potato stamping, watered down acrylic/poster paints, brown parcel paper.

Brown parcel paper confetti tape and torn strips that were previously punched, white paper.

Melted sealing wax, potato stamping with watered down acrylics/poster paint, book page poppy gift topper with jewels, strip of left over wrapping paper, brown paper

tissue paper bunched around spherical gift, sealed with sealing wax

Standard shop-bought wrapping paper, sealing wax and gift tags.

Wax sealing stamp by KatrinaAlana
Sealing wax from 99p on Ebay

-fox paintings by Constantly Constance-

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