Thursday 5 April 2012

Quick Update

   With any luck, I'll actually have something for Project 52 tomorrow! I've been working on my ship project all week long and if I put some work in today while looking after my mum, I should be able to get it up for tomorrow! Quite excited about it, I also have another idea for something similar to do afterwards, so I'll probably start work on the on Friday, too.
   I'm also pleased to see the reaction I'm getting for the giveaway. It's not huge but it's good enough for me! I'm hoping to get more lined up, so if anyone is interested then please get in touch. But I will say that I don't want the worst or cheapest item from your shop. What people forget is that a giveaway is supposed to promote their shop, and that won't happen with their lowest quality item. They'll end up just losing money that way, which is probably what they wanted to avoid by donating such an object anyway! The mini eggs necklace is actually my favourite piece in Blue Cherry Jewelry's shop, so I was so pleased that she donated it.

   And you may have noticed I have a double sidebar now. I wanted to make sure that my personal things, like twitter, facebook and etsy were all at the top of my blog for better exposure/reach, but I also know that sponsor ads would also want to be at the top. Therefore, I've had to rework my blog slightly, but I think I've done it.
   I also have a random button at the top to shop my closet, which takes you to an empty storenvy category - I will fill this soon! My clothes are not amazing, but I do need to clear out my wardrobe. Y'know, to make room for reworked Mass Effect and Skyrim t-shirts :D I've finally found an easy way to fashionably wear random merch t-shirts! Just cut the collar off and ad a popper to the side. Easy peasy - best part: minimal sewing.

   And as a last note, I've fallen behind with my writing again, but I'm trying to get back on track. The problem was that events were happening too quickly, and I needed to sit down and figure out a whole new and relevant chapter to fit between two of them. I've done it now and it seems like it should stand up, so I can get back to work. I'm sure I'll end up rewriting it next year. That's what happened with the first book.
   Also, I received my first rejection letter. I'm expecting a lot, so I'm trying to make a game out of it. After I get a certain number I'm going to treat myself to something, but I don't know what. Suggestions? There are so few fantasy-accepting agencies out there that one rejection letter is a bigger deal for me than for a general fiction writer. But I've not lost hope, obviously. I want this too much to lose hope!


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