Tuesday 24 April 2012

All Over The Place

[Edit: due to the interest being expressed in this post, I'm looking further into making this bow.
Hopefully I'll have money for supplies soon and can get started ^^]

   Or, my mind is, at least. I've been busy doing unimportant things and neglecting what really counts. I'm trying to get back on track, though, and intend to start today. I made lots of new products lately, and I spent the entirety of yesterday either making scones, responding to a single email, or creating new listings. My writing has been neglected, despite the fact that I am at an exciting bit to write - not a boring explainy bit - but I intend to get back to it this evening. It doesn't help, though, that I've found so many spelling mistakes and stupid bits that make no sense in the actual book of the first novel, despite it being my sixth read-through. It's getting me down a bit, but I have to continue.

   But what is helping the least is the xbox. Seeg has been playing computer games lately, so the xbox has been free - needless to say I've glued myself to it whenever it's not been in use over the weekend. The problem is, that gives me a day-long distraction from doing things I have to do (and the worst thing happened: I was trying to get all of the achievements in Oblivion - I had one to go, to become the Duke of Dementia, so I made a save just before I had to choose between Dementia and Mania, and continued with my final game - keeping all the weapons and armour I loved - and when I was finished and moved all of my in-game belongings from the house in Anvil to Frostcrag Spire, I saved and loaded the other save so I could pick the other side and gain the achievement. Well, part way through the new save, I saved - y'know, in case a guard spotted me while sneaking - and it was all fine. I saved several times until I got confused, and saved over the original game. I've lost my favourite armour and the end of the game. Just as well I finished everything else or I think I'd have thrown another disk out of the window in a temper.)
   Well, I've finished with Oblivion (never did get that final achievement, I was too pissed), and moved onto Skyrim.
   There are lots of things I want to make and buy, some of which are ridiculous. I decided I wanted to buy a bow - a decorative one, not a functioning one, but all I can find are elven ones. As nice as elves can be, their bows are pretty dull. No, I had daedric bows in mind, but I could find nothing remotely similar.
   So then I decided to make one myself. Yes, I must be mad. The plan is to buy the upper and lower limbs of a recurve bow, a bow string, and cut some wood to make a riser appropriate to the design I want. Then, once that's fixed together, I will sculpt air-dry clay onto the limbs to make it look closer to what I want.

   This won't go well, but I figure I have little to lose in trying. It's the only way I'll get a bow that looks that spectacular. I already agreed with Seeg that I can make this if he can have some samurai swords. That was hardly a difficult decision on my part, but there we are. If and when I begin, you will all be sure to know.

   I don't have much to report, anyway. I've started a new exercise DVD, and I've bought another one on top of that. Fortunately, they're cheap as chips. I need a yoga mat, and I'm trying to get myself interested in salads again. It's difficult, though, to know what's healthy and what's not these days. Fat-free doesn't always mean it's the healthier option, and I'm not trying to just lose weight, I'm trying to get fit, too.

   Anyway, enough of that useless post. I apologise for a lack of a Project 52 post - the project wasn't finished. It is now, so I'll post it on Friday. As for my gypsy caravan, I ran out of PVA glue, and I tried to use flour, well, that didn't go well.

Over and out!


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