Thursday 11 August 2011

Photography is Crucial

I already knew that photography was important when it comes to selling online, especially when you're competing to be seen on a site like Etsy, but having just tried to put together my first treasury list, the importance really becomes obvious.
Don't get me wrong, I found loads of gorgeous stuff on my vague and random searches. The only problem was that the pictures were more often than not either too dark, too busy, or too out of focus. For a treasury list, even a roll of ribbon or a ball of yarn from the "supplies" section can make it, as long as it has a professional photograph. It's now that I'm really pleased I went through a 4 year lond photography obsession where I took pictures damn near every day. I built up my skills until I was actually good enough to get a DD on dA, and I could actually look at my gallery and say "yeah, that ain't half bad". It's just a shame that over the last year or so I've grown away from it. But, fortunately, I know enough to take some good pictures of my jewellery. Not every single one is a winner, and half the time they need to be retaken, but I'm pleased to say I've made it into 4 treasury lists overall, and those lists were very attractive. Unfortunately they didn't get the exposure, but that doesn't matter!
I'm confident that I can do well with this :D I've got my fantastic boyfriend pushing me along and keeping me motivated, and I have my mum keeping me in all day with her MS (that sounded a little mean, but I truly meant it as a good thing) which gives me the time I need to make all of this happen. As they say, 'every cloud has a silver lining'!


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