Thursday 4 August 2011

New Ideas!

They're not jewellery related, though ;P
I enjoyed attending the school fair in June this year, selling wares specifically designed for children, but I'd been told about 2 fairs this christmas that I would like to attend, and it got me thinking. At the last fair, I did attempt to sell all of my Etsy items as well as nearly a hundred pieces I slaved over specifically for the fair itself (if you ever attend one of the fairs I'm selling at, you'll notice that about 90% of it is not available in my Etsy shop), but, of course, my Etsy items were priced out of the range of primary school children - which is fine, I'm not aiming anything here at 8 to 12 year olds. That was for an older but still playful audience. But it got me thinking: I love working in the kitchen. Baking, not cleaning. And I'd already decided that I was going to make a few pieces for the fair along the edible lines, but I just got a fantastic idea of what could go along with it! I just need to test it first. So I need jars.

One thing you followers will grow to learn about me is that I don't give anything away, so I apologise this time, and for all the times I have before, and all the times I will in the future, for speaking in some cryptic fashion. I'm paranoid ;P But if it works, you'll be sure to hear about it!


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