Monday 8 August 2011

It's Safe To Say...

That it didn't work ;P But no matter! Onto plan B! Marshmallow in a jar didn't work so I'll move onto something else. Either way, it's not important. It's just a little something extra for the fairs.

I've began work on something else that's popped into my head, and it's been successful so far. I'm surprised, because it was such a simple idea, and such a simple method, and it's worked really very well! I'll get them up on Etsy and dA a.s.a.p! I'm hoping I can take them to the fairs too! As long as I can find sufficient cotton wool wrapped in a particular way, I should be able to make plenty. As it is, I'm working with just one blue and 2 pink cotton wool balls D: It's all I could find!

I've also been approached with regards to several more giveaways since my first on Borderless, and I've come up with some rules to help filter out potential losses. Please read them before contacting me! But either way, don't let anything on there put you off. I know saying "I have rules!" makes me seem uptight, but I promise I don't bite :D If you like to plan ahead then that is also fine! I'm also a planner :D If you want me to sponsor a giveaway you're holding say, 3 months away from when you contact me, that's perfectly fine, and I'll think higher of you for it. That will also give me time to make something specially for it, perhaps, or to get my finances in order so that you may choose whichever piece you'd like! Planning ahead is a good thing :D


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