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   I, like most people, always have an opinion about things, but over the past few years of being Seeg's girlfriend, I've learned not to judge so quickly. The reason I say that is because he's such a forceful person, he's taught me to see both sides of things before making my mind up. I try not to judge books by their covers, instead I've learned to give things a go before I make up my mind - which is, admittedly, something people should do anyway.
   So, when I encounter an unusual product, or one that seems 'just like every other on the market', I will try to look at it from all angles and give it a really good go before making up my mind. If I decide it's something I want to share, I will do so, though whether that's because it's really good or because it's really bad depends entirely on my experience with the product and store.
   It's true that some of these product reviews were written based on products I've been sent in order to review, and these posts will all have a disclaimer at its foot. I won't lie about that, and you all know that many bloggers are given opportunities like this, but you must also note that some of these reviews are written about products I bought and paid for myself out of my own curiosity - these reviews are marked in the list below by a heart and don't contain a disclaimer for that reason. All opinions are always my own, and if a product has health claims, I always supplement my reviews with research from a range of sources, not just from the product's own website. In similar honesty, if I have something bad to say, even if the report is otherwise glowing, I will say so. Lying serves no purpose to me, it will only upset customers, and it will ultimately bite the company in the bum, too. So I make no false claims, either. Too many times I've made a purchase based on other people's reviews only to be disappointed.

   Occasionally there will be giveaways associated with product reviews, and just as above, sometimes these are offered by companies who offered products to review, and other times they will have been purchased by myself after having bought the product prior to the review and fallen in love with it. Shipping is usually open worldwide, unless otherwise stated, which means most giveaways are open worldwide, too - but many companies reviewed are UK-based.

Product Reviews:
= personally purchased 
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Nakd Nibbles review - Wholefood sweetshop snacks
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JoggBox review - fitness/running subscription box
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James Lamb's Giant Custard Cream!
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nuun Hydration review - Sports hydration tabs review 

DVD Reviews:
= personally purchased
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BarreAmped Review 
Kettlercise Lean In 14 Review Website Review ♥ (free resource, but I did donate)
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Urban Workout Review 

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