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   Eating right, moving around and looking after yourself are things that people have forgotten for a long time - we all seem to be short on time, trying to get too much done to really think about looking after ourselves, and that has led to a boom in the convenience market. And most of the time, you have to sacrifice a lot for convenience. Fortunately, people are beginning to catch on. A lot of people spend a few hours on a weekend doing meal prep for the week ahead, ensuring appropriate meals with good nutrition even when they have no time to cook from scratch. Others are learning that you don't need to go to a gym to work out, you can do so very easily, and effectively, at home. And then there are the fitness gurus promoting high-intensity workouts that can be done in 20 minutes with maximum gain, and healthy food companies creating truly healthy ready meals and snacks so we can keep properly fuelled on the go.
   But there is a lot that the average person doesn't understand about all these angles, and if you're trying to lose weight, tone up or get fit, you'll sabotage yourself if you don't take the time to get informed. After all, why put yourself through all that hard work if you're going to undo it all by eating the wrong thing - or perhaps even eating too little - or by not getting enough rest. See? It's not as simple as 'eat less, move more'. I know first hand, because I developed an eating disorder and exercise addiction because I became so obsessive.
   So here are a whole bunch of health and fitness articles, as well as detailed advice on how to lose weight safely and efficiently, and how to keep it off. I even have a few guest posts from qualified professionals.

Road To Workout Series:
A series of posts put together from research and personal experience. How to go from lazy and unmotivated to energetic and eager.
1: Mindset
2: Body Types
3: Maintaining Motivation
4: When to Weigh
5. Plateaus
6: Importance of Strength-Training
7: Maintaining Form
8: Protein Shakes, Diet Shakes & Supplements

Other Health & Fitness Articles:
Find True Happiness When You Learn Not To Give a F*ck
How to use a mini trampoline properly
Valentine's Day - Just For Couples?
Magnesium, Muscles and Migraines

How To Beat Winter Weight Gain
Milk Kefir - Everything You Want To Know About Kefir
Eating Disorders & Exercise Addiction - A Personal Confession
Maintaining New Year Motivation in February and Beyond

My Health & Fitness Travel Essentials
Why Is Sleep So Important?
Keep Fit At Your Desk With #OfficeYoga
Tone Up & Get Bikini-Ready
Shed Fat & Get Bikini-Ready
Why The Addition Of Exercise On Food Labels Is A Bad Idea
Have Your Egg and Eat It Too - How to Avoid Weight Gain Over Easter

How to Indulge This Christmas Without Guilt
Guest Artcile: 5 Greatest Fitness Myths - Women's Edition
Guest Article: Importance of Meal Frequency For a Healthy Life
How To Keep Healthy Over Halloween - Without Denying a Treat
Guest Article: It's Not About The Weight - Type 2 Diabetes
Weening Yourself Off Of Sugar
Guest Article: The Easy Road To a Balanced Diet
My Gym Bag Must-Haves
My Pre- And Post-Workout Habits
Guest Article: Recommended Nutrition For a Strong And Fast Body
World Health Day - Tips To Keep Healthy
'Superfood' - What Does It Really Mean?
10 Easy Ways to Boost Weight Loss (Without Voodoo)
Why The Gluten-Free Diet Doesn't Aid Weightloss

Dieting Dos and Don'ts
5 Slimming Products That Don't Work
Weightloss Compilation post - 14 things to keep in mind.

Mental Health:
My Confession: Eating Disorder & Exercise Addiction
My Battle With Carbs - They're Not The Enemy
Tackling An Eating Disorder - Reintroducing Carbohydrates & Dressing Up Breakfast

Food & Nutrition:
Bananas - How To Keep Bananas Fresh For A Week +
Milk Kefir - Everything You Want To Know About Kefir
'Superfood' - What Does It Really Mean?
  Recipe: Baobab cupcakes
  Recipe: Quinoa & baobab bars
Eat Fat to Lose Fat?
The Healthy Taste of Christmas
The Health Benefits of Matcha

Baobab cupcakes
Quinoa & baobab bars
Leafy Green Salad with Moringa + Greek Yoghurt
Fat Burner Detox Water
Moringa & Salmon Protein Omelette
Cold Cucumber & Greek Yogurt Soup
Easy Muffin Tin Omelette Cups - Healthy Fats & Protein
Clean, High-Protein Greek Yogurt Pancakes - 5 Ways
Clean & Healthy Unicorn Breakfast Pancake Pizza
Japanese French Toast (Natto Beans & Miso-Egg Toast)
Fig & Chocolate Autumn Porridge 


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