Creative Writing Tips

   This series of posts are built from my own experience with writing fantasy, but most can be applied to other genres, too.

   My posts may not work for everyone, but if you want to try writing fiction - fantasy especially - then this is as good a place to start as any. These posts outline how I build up plans for new books, and how I create my characters and my world. Fantasy is one of the toughest, but free-est, genres there is.
   The list below details the subject of each post available. They're all links, but some are perma-linked to scheduled posts, and so are not available yet. I post every 2 weeks, so if what you're looking for isn't here, come back later!
   Examples have been used in some cases, taken from existing books, films, games and tv shows. I do not own any of the images used, and have linked them to the sources from which I have found them
   If you would like advice on something specific that I've not covered - I have generalised these posts, afterall - then please get in touch and I will honestly be more than happy to put together a new post focusing on the point you've raised. I really want to build this category of my blog up as much as I can, and suggestions and requests will only help. My email button (an envelope) sits with the other social media icons, and is also at the bottom of this page. Feel free to use it.

Writing Product & Courses
Neil Gaiman's 'The Art of Storytelling' Masterclass writing course review

Writing Basics
Building Your Book
Hunting for a Literary Agent
Part 1: What Agents Want
Part 2: How To Send
Part 3: Rejection and Acceptance
Keep Calm and Carry On

Writer's Resources [personal research]
Writer's Resource - Underground and Cave Systems - formations, danger, life and more


  1. Thanks so much for the tips :D Really generous of you.
    Oh, and if you were to publish your books I'd definitely buy them. As a reader I love it when someone enjoys and has passion in what they write (ESPECIALLY FANTASY) and if you can give us these tips, I bet your book is twice as brilliant. Don't give up.

    1. What a lovely comment, thank you so much! I hope they help some people. They're all just based on what works for me, but hopefully other people can benefit, too.
      And thank you for the kind words, I hope I'll get published one day. I have no intention to stop trying! Hopefully one day you'll have a book of mine on your book shelf! :D
      Thank you again, and have a wonderful day! ♥


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