Saturday 9 January 2021

Lockdown Workout Ideas

   With January being the traditional yearly workout boom and the impact of yet another lockdown in the UK, it means that many people who are starting new fitness goals need to think outside the box and look for other ways to work out as opposed to signing up for a gym membership.

   Not being able to hit the gym shouldn't put you off finding ways to workout and motivate yourself. Far from it, it means you have to be more inventive when it comes to finding workouts you enjoy and can do within the constraints of a national lockdown.


   Couch to 5K is a popular app that helps people get off the couch and move more. Aimed at getting you into running in a gentler, easier way, the C25K apps available for both Apple and Android phones can help you to move more without the pressure to be at the top of your game instantly.
   For this, you will need some suitable equipment to get you started. Headphones to listen to the app each day. Suitable running trainers and comfy clothing. Some people may find they need to use suitable eyewear especially for the low winter sun so investing in running sunglasses or even just getting replacement oakley lenses for your existing sunglasses to help you combat the glare from the sun when you are out.


   Head out to your local beauty spots for a walk. Download a playlist, podcast or even movies and tv shows to listen to on your walk, but using what is free and available in your local area will not only allow you to get out when everywhere else is closed but to also get some much-needed exercise, clear your head and regain fitness levels too. Make a list of everywhere you can reasonably explore while staying local and then make it your aim to visit as many as possible.

Online Exercise Programmes

   Joe Wicks is undoubtedly the UK's favourite PE teacher right now. and the good news is, you can join in even without children, or you can head to his Youtube channel to check out his many free workout videos to follow each day.
   If Joe isn't your cup of tea, then searching online for free workout programmes will throw up a plethora of options for you to choose from and allow you to get moving. From free dance classes, yoga, pilates and the more vigorous HIIT workouts, you will be spoilt for choice. All you need is some motivation to actually get going and you're on your way!

Open Water Swimming

   This activity has been booming since the closure of many local swimming pools. There are many health benefits of open water swimming and you will likely find many individuals and clubs in your coal area you can join to get you started. In the winter, it takes a brave soul to dip their toes into the cold waters of the UK coastline and waterways. However, once you have gotten over that initial shock you can take part in a swim treading water or simply enjoying the feeling of being out in the open water.


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