Friday 1 February 2019

Friday Favourites

January was a funny sort of month, but in a very good way. It's been so exciting, and has thrown me well outside my comfort zone. I'm not the kind of person who likes to talk about my plans, I prefer, upon the advice of a duck, to show my results instead. So when I embark upon things I don't like to mention them until either I'm finished, or it has solid enough foundations to guarantee completion. Why? I believe in jinxing. It happens all the time. Plus if you tell people your plans and they fall through, you end up looking a fool and, if you do it too often, no one will ever take you seriously. So I keep plans quiet.
However, I hope to write a post about last month's excitement soon, as it's the kind of thing that has just about developed those solid foundations, and will in fact take a full year before it is actually finished. So, if I'm to share it, it will be in the next few weeks when I have the final details.
I'm also about to embark upon something else - two projects, in fact - but they are also long, and while one needs those same foundations before I'm prepared to talk about it, which will take months, the other needs completion. I'm excited, though.

Anyway, this has been a wonderfully cold week, at last. And so my favourites for the week are duly suitable. First of all, socks. Every day for 4 days straight, I found myself saying "I love socks, they're so good" every time I pull them on. I've been walking around with 2-3 pairs on this week. It has been cold. Even when my best friend, Lucy, came over mid-week, she said exactly the same thing. Because socks are simply awesome. As is soup, and Soupologie's curried sweet potato is just amazing.
I also got a new sticker for my laptop, which has been in constant use with my redrafting - Vol'jin, 'For the Horde', by Frenone. I loved her playing cards but was never able to get them, so I was pleased when the designs were made available on her Society6 store. I've followed her art for years.
And Seeg finished Assassin's Creed Odyssey this week, which I was suprised to have enjoyed as much as I did. Amazing game, but terrible in the AC franchise. Ultimately, however, very enjoyable. We managed to get the best ending, too, and I was especially surprised when I teared up. But I am a bit of a baby, to be honest; it doesn't take much to make me cry...

Soupologie   ♥   Warchief sticker by Frenone
Assassin's Creed Odyssey   ♥   Socks


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