Monday 4 February 2019

3 Month Resistance Plan - v1.2

   This time I'm revisiting my first training plan. When I started this set-up back in April, I didn't know what to expect - of it, or myself. It ended up being the key to a happier life. Why?
1) no cardio. I hate cardio. I mean, really hate it. Kickboxing and Muay Thai is the only time I can do it; anything else is torture.
2) it shifted my focus away from losing weight and on to ability and muscle gain, instead, which meant that my goals changed, were met, and the goal posts moved. I saw amazing progress in my own abilities. I began caring less about how my body looked, and more about what it could do.
3) I started eating more.
4) I didn't get bored as quickly, which saved money - no buying new DVDs every month. In fact, this workout - and all since - have cost me £3.99 a piece. The price of the magazine that I get the total body workouts from. All others are from Youtube.

   I'm revisiting the first of my training plans and giving it three months rather than two. That said, I've also started on bigger weights. When I first started out, I was using a 12.5kg barbell (£30 from Women's Health with a total weight of 20kg). After 8 months of training, I come back to this now and I'm starting it with a 22.5kg barbell. I bought a new 10kg plate.
   The plan is as below:

Monday - Lower body via Whitney Simmons' Youtube (landmine replaced with over-shoulder kettlebell
Tuesday - Yoga & stretching
Wednesday - Total body via Gemma Atkinson & Women's Health Magazine (Jan/Feb 2018)
Thursday - Qi Gong
Friday - Lower body via Whitney Simmons' Youtube
Saturday - Back/upper body Whitney Simmons' Youtube (cables replaced by resistance bands behind a bench)
Sunday - Rest / Qi Gong (if not Thursday)

   But I am approaching it differently. I've hinted time and again towards my experiment with calories, which I plan on writing about in 2-3 months' time once I have some solid information and experience to share. In short, though: I'm eating more. When I started out, I was eating 1,600 calories a day. I'm at 2,000 a day now. I'll elaborate - how, why, when - soon. But I will tell you this: I'm still a UK size 8.

   Because of that experiment, though, I'm only riding this workout for one month, then taking a month out for the Core de Force I would usually have done this month, then picking it back up for two more months over April and May. I'll finally explain the experiment then.


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