Tuesday 4 December 2018

Etsy Christmas Order Deadlines

Juuuust a quick update: it is now too late for overseas orders from Myth Of The Wild to arrive safely in time for Christmas.
My deadlines are laid out based on personal experience since 2011, and while it is possible that things could arrive when ordered after the below deadlines, I really wouldn't bank on it.

❅ Worldwide Christmas Order Deadlines ❅
Aus & NZ - 23rd November
US, Canada & EU - 30th November, 1pm
UK book flowers - 12th December
UK jars - 14th December
UK ready-to-ship category - 17th December, 7am

The 'ready-to-ship' category will be visible in my shop on the 15th and will contain all the listings and quantities that are presently available and made ahead of time. They will be a mixture of jars and of book flowers, mostly necklaces, in various titles. These will be, as the name suggests, ready to ship, and therefore any purchases made from this category will be shipped out on my last post run.

My final post run of the year will be midday on the 17th, therefore UK orders placed after these dates very likely won't arrive as there's no wiggle room for later posting.
Please note that standard shipping is not tracked - if you'd like tracking, please select it from the drop-down menu in your basket/during checkout. Please also note that tracking/signed for does not mean it will be posted any faster, nor will it move any quicker once it has left my possession.


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