Sunday 25 November 2018

Cyber Monday Sales! Etsy + Kindle!

Yes, it's that time of year again! Cyber Monday is upon us, and I've already taken advantage of it, buying the more expensive gifts I was gambling on - discount vs Christmas delivery and stock levels - and it's paid off! I even got myself a couple of goodies ^^
   But it does, of course, mean that my own Etsy shop has come into sale season!

Head over to Myth of the Wild today for 15% off and a free gift with every order!
It ends at midnight on the 26th, when the discount will reduce to 10% until Saturday. Free gifts, however, depend on stock levels, and they're already half depleted!

On top of that, my latest book, The Zi'veyn, is free on Kindle from today until Tuesday!
Snap it up this sale weekend for, well, nothing! Follow the link above, or find it easily on your own regional Amazon pages. Plus, if you're not sure, read chapters 1-5 for free beforehand if you like!

 Myth of the Wild Christmas order deadline dates:
Aus & NZ - 23rd November
US, Canada, EU rest of world - 29th November
UK - 14th December


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