Friday 14 September 2018

Friday Favourites

   Oh, what joy, it has been cold this past week! It's as if it's been waiting for September to return to tolerable temperatures. It is amazing. And I could swear some of the trees in the field behind the house are starting to turn. There are yellow leaves of a few choice trees, and, I'm sure, some orange on one in particular. It's true I do my best work in the spring, but I'm at my most creative in the autumn, particularly with food. It's when I start spending more and more time in the kitchen. Spices may have something to do with it...
   It's also so dark. I'm sure the sun didn't set until 9pm two weeks ago, and now - I write this at 7:34pm with a clear sky - I'm having trouble seeing. Give it ten minutes and I'll be writing beneath a light beside closed curtains. It's baffling. But wonderful. I've been smiling more easily lately, and sleeping longer.
   And I'm excited for our 'staycation'. My dad's taking my mum on holiday so Seeg and I aren't carers for a week! It's such a breath of fresh air, and a holiday for us as much as them. She needs full-time care, so while my dad works full-time, she's our responsibility, and it's a tough one. So a week off is amazing, and only comes twice a year.

   This week's favourites, though, are simple. Aside from the changing leaves, I also nabbed Seeg's old hoody. I said when he bought it that I'd have it when he got bored of it, and I have. It's a gorgeous deep burgundy, and, while it is huge, it's so comfy. And broken in. And smells of him.
   He also finished Destiny 2: Forsaken, and earned the soundtrack. It was a great expansion, it made me cry, and I have to wonder what's going to happen next. It's always a good expansion when it leaves you wondering like this - because there is more to come.
   Also, MyProtein's virtue bars. High fibre, low carb, and more delicious than protein bars usually are, with crispies and a thin layer of melted chocolate - not 'chocolate-flavoured coating'. That's always dubious... And and and, here's 30% off of your first MyProtein order of £35+ - try their rocky road whey, too! I love to use their chocolate peanut whey with 1/2 banana in my porridge. Uh yum. But this week I've been working through the pears the neighbours brought over last week.

Destiny 2: Forsaken   ♥   MyProtein Virtue bars
Autumn is coming   ♥   Witcher 3 burgundy hoodie


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