Friday 31 August 2018

Friday Favourites

I've been stressing a lot about a few things this week, my book among them - both The Zi'veyn, and the second installment which, as I mentioned last week, is nearing completion. So I've been trying to give myself other things to think about. It's not been proving easy, so I've been throwing myself into making new stock for Myth of the Wild for Christmas, and into video games. Seeg and I just hit 120 in World of Warcraft and have been moving through some pretty great stories and zones, but better yet has been Kingdom Come Deliverance, which took us a month and a half to finish - it was such a big game!

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a medieval RPG (non-fantasy - shocker, I know) steeped in history, set in the Kingdom of Bohemia during 1403, and filled with as much historical accuracy as a game can reasonably - or, sometimes, unreasonably - have. One particular event jumps out, during which you must pose as a monk in a monastery in order to carry out your lord's orders, which means you have rules to adhere to - rise at 3am, morning prayer, eat, carry out studies and work, pray again, eat, bed at 9pm. Only during the hour after rising and before morning prayer, and the hour before going to bed, do you have any time to actually act upon your lord's orders, so imperative is it that you maintain cover. And yet, as restrictive as it was, it And informative. I learned that I do not want to be a monk, and that, for the most part, few people choose the life. In many cases it's the only option against living on the streets, or it's given as a punishment for disgracing their family. A banishment, in other words. Despite bugs - it was Warhorse Studio's first game, in their defence - it was a wonderful story and I look forward to its continuation and DLC.

Also, Rini's absolutely adorable art style deserves a mention, now that she's put a few of her Celestials prints up. Niuzao was always my favourite - I love oxen :B

Kingdom Come Deliverance   ♥   Hotel Chocolate 45% milk Ecuador
Niuzao, The Black Ox print by Rini   ♥    Wild Bangarang Nightborne leggings


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