Friday 11 May 2018

Friday Favourites

Ill again!
I had a couple of days of reprieve where I was just fine - even increased the weights in my workout. But then, DOOSH. I kid you not, 15 sneezes in 3 minutes. I thought it was hayfever at first, the worst it had ever been, but given the weakness, sore throat, chesty cough and such that came the following day (and the awful night's sleep), I figure not so much. I'm really, really hoping it's better by tomorrow night. As it is for most people, it gets worse as it gets later - tired, worn out and your body has a harder time fighting it off. Thing is, tomorrow night Seeg & I are being taken out for the evening prior to the wedding - no hen or stag do's, just a small gathering of friends at a board game café in Bristol. I've never been; I am excited. But our table is booked for right around the time that I've started to slump. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to get over it quickly enough that I'll be able to handle the smells and potential heat/dry air inside. I don't know what it's like, and these aren't details you'll notice unless you're actually ill, you know?
So, despite the fact that we're not going until tomorrow, Chance & Counters has made it onto this week's Friday Favourites. I've also been craving sweets again because I've been ill, but I've been remarkably good. Instead the only thing I've found myself truly craving is popcorn. Specifically Proper Corn's sweet coconut & vanilla. I've had 3 bags this week.
And yesterday I took some time out to play Sea of Thieves with Seeg, Sam and Duco, which was my first real experience with the game - I tried it on my own for all of 35 minutes, sailed out, found my first chest, headed back to port to sell it and was immediately shot in the face and robbed by another player. Not impressed. But this time I was part of a 4-man crew on a galleon rather than soloing on a sloop and it went a lot better. We wound up in a skirmish and won, too. I patched many, many cannon holes. It was great fun!

Now, though, I have other things to focus on. The final few steps on some custom orders and then some wedding arrangements. I am so excited.

Chance and Counters   ♥   Propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla 
Fabletics' Winn powerhold capri in Tidal Wave   ♥   Sea of Thieves


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