Friday 4 May 2018

Friday Favourites

Ohhh this week hasn't been good.
Seeg and I managed to catch something on the weekend - we guess it came from our super-sneezy 3-year old nephew - so we've both been wallowing. For the first two days we had the same symptoms and the same severity, but afterwards it diverged. But we've both been pretty miserable. If I'm honest, it's been kind of nice. We've been moping together, watching TV together, and I've watched him finish off God of War (absolutely worthy of the immense praise it's been receiving). We've already broken into the Cote d'Or bonbonblocs we brought back from The Netherlands two weeks ago, and I spent all of yesterday in my pyjamas. Fortunately they're pretty and comfy as all hell, and that Victoria's Secret label inside makes me feel distinctly more pretty than I would in other jim jams.
Also, my dad got me a gift. It seems a little odd, especially when you consider how excited I got, but once you read my next book (due out this summer!) you'll see why the arenaria balearica has a special place in my heart. Also, look how comfy it looks to sit in! A crucial detail.

Victoria's Secret pyjamas   ♥   Cote d'Or praline bar
arenaria balearica   ♥   God of War


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