Tuesday 2 January 2018

Killer Body - 4 Weeks Later

   I will admit it: I gained weight this Christmas. And I will also admit this: I broke nearly all of my rules and more than merely 'strayed' from my fool-proof Christmas plan. The bright side is that I learned a few years ago that weight recently gained is very easily lost. Every holiday I go on, I gain weight, and I always lose it within 2 weeks - sometimes only 1 - with a suitable workout and mindful eating. So I also know that, by upping the ante, I can shed the lot in the next two weeks.

   While I did do Killer Body every day, and increased the frequency on the week before and after Christmas, I did gain a little. I grazed and picked at food, but if there are 4 boxes of pepernoten within grabbing range, what can you do? Willpower doesn't pop up in my vocabulary so much around Christmas, and I maintain that that isn't a bad thing - as long as it does still pop up.
   Now, though, new year, new motivation. I have 2 weeks of Killer Body left, and I'm tacking more on to the end of it. Kettlebells and kickboxing are two of the most effective fat-burning workouts you can possibly do, and while Jillian Michaels' circuit training is madly effective enough, by adding an extra 10-20 minutes of one of those two forms afterwards, I am smoking calories, increasing burn and resting metabolism. It's difficult, though, so I don't intend to keep this up long-term. At the very least, this first week. At best, next week too.

   Eating is also an issue, but while I bought lots of healthy snacks at the start of December, it seems I've barely touched them. So I have more than enough goodness to eat without going hungry, and while I still have plenty of chocolate left, out of sight, out of mind.
   I'm not going cold-turkey, though. I'm keeping an advent calendar-esque build to my day until it's all gone - ie, one or two chocolates a day. It's not off-limits, therefore I will be less likely to crave, break and binge, and it gives me something to look forward to if I keep putting it off throughout the day.

   I will also state, for the record, that I am going low-carb for the duration of this week. Yes, this was my problem last year and it's taken me a long time to get over it and stop villainising carbs and start eating them again, and I have felt immensely better because of it, but given how I've eaten over the past week and a half, maybe even two weeks, I know that I can stand to back off of carbs with no ill effects and use what my body has stored. The trick will be getting back to normal after the week is up, and that will test my willpower and, frankly, intelligence.

   The workout has been surprising fun, though, and while I'm usually hanging after 4 weeks and ready to turn away and on to something else, I'm actually still keen for Killer Body. Perhaps it's because I know it will work and I have to get the Christmas weight off, or perhaps all the food I've eaten over Christmas has energised me and I have the power to do it and do it well. Or I'm simply having fun. I admit that last week I was coming at these workouts like a beast and I've been obliterating them, and I did the same yesterday - which I followed with a 20 minute Kettlercise workout, hello - and felt amazing at the end. I could have gone on! I didn't, though, because I am still at risk of migraines - how I survived Christmas without one I have no idea, unless food levels also have something to do with triggering them...

   Two more weeks, then I'm using a workout DVD I got for Christmas - in theory, it's lower-impact, so I'm viewing Killer Body now with the mind that I'll get the chance to get my breath back for 3 weeks afterwards, so I may as well go all or nothing. I'm a little daunted by it, though, because I've used the brand before and it hurts, but also because there's one unique new element to it that will either be great fun and really effective, or a huge disappointment. But I guess I'll find out in two weeks.

   I'll report back in two weeks with, hopefully, good news that all Christmas weight has gone and that carbs and I are friends again. I'm also going to do my best to get a DVD review for Killer Body up at last.


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