Friday 19 January 2018

Friday Favourites

Well, this has been such a busy week - and that in turn has become an incredibly busy year! By my standards, at least.
We booked two holidays - a trip to NL this April to see Seeg's family, and another next year to the Cotswolds for our honeymoon. We've also booked the ceremony and our registry appointment, and on top of that there's also a few other breaks when my dad takes my mum away, removing our duties as carers and giving us, at last, some freedom, as well as my gallery exhibit in the summer and my new book release around the same time! Like I said: a busy and exciting year!
I also just hit my 2000th Etsy sale in Myth of the Wild, which is also a major achievement for what started out as a means to make a little extra cash!

So it's been pretty productive, meaning down time has been at a minimum, but Seeg and I have been making the most of it, binge-watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is amazing except that the episodes that focus on the clones themselves make me sad, knowing they're all going to betray the Jedi. I'm pro-Sith, but it's difficult to forgive them when you grow attached to characters!
Since the start of this month I've also been pushing harder in my workouts, using heavier weights and moving out of my comfort zone, which I hadn't really realised I'd set up camp within some time ago, and I feel incredibly strong and positive about myself and my body now! Even though it's too soon to see results from it on the outside. I just wish this Lilo and Stitch tank was available in anything less than a Large :(
Also, heat-changing Zelda mug Seeg got me for my birthday. Endless entertainment.

Blueberries   ♥   Legend of Zelda heat change mug


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