Sunday 9 July 2017

Piit28 - 4 Weeks Later

   Ohhh man I'm glad that's over. Piit28 hurts. I've said it enough that you'd think it wouldn't surprise me every day, but it does. But I've finished my second run (my first was back in October) and while I'm glad to see the back of it...I'm also not. It's hard, but it works, and while I don't waste my time on workouts that don't, this is one I have total confidence in. But I just can't maintain it for more than 28 days. It's true that Piit28 is very, very well put together, because breaking the workouts into body areas means you're able to work out 6 days a week without putting undue strain on muscles or compromising recovery, and that means you can do your best every day and maximise your calorie burn by fitting more into 28 days.
   But I'm used to 4 days a week, not 6, and I adore my rest days. I like getting up a little later, having a more interesting breakfast rather than something small to make sure it's settled by the time I start my workout, and tending my Etsy shop or playing some video games instead of jumping around. I burned out a while ago, and I found that it's these rest days that give me the strength to keep at it all.
   But I can sacrifice 2 rest days a week for a month if it means greater results. Why else am I doing it?

   Also, I belatedly discovered that completing Piit28 earns you an additional reward aside from immense fat burn and muscle toning: a free Piit28 tank top! Yay!! So here's mine, earned from October and redeemed 2 weeks ago, arriving just in time to mark the end of the second run! Also, bonus Nozdormu leggings from Wild Bangarang.

   July's workout is going to be more low-key after this month, and it's actually something I'm putting together myself, fusing two different workouts to make something new and more effective than they would be on their own. I have little idea how well it will work, but I suppose I'll find out when I try it tomorrow!


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