Friday 21 July 2017

Friday Favourites

This week has been cold. It's been amazing. I've slept better and been generally more comfortable - though ice cream has still been on the menu. After a migraine on Tuesday evening, I treated myself to one to celebrate my survival.
Otherwise, this week I've been working on my plan for the next book - working out both sides (hero & villain) and merging them together, and now I've got lots of details floating about that I need to work on, from simple matters of the after-effects of war, to more plot-relevant details. So I've been binge 'watching' Death in Paradise again, which means it's on in the background while my nose is glued to a notebook.
I've also been really enjoying Twinings' new sweet green teas, particularly lemon drizzle. It smells just like it, which has resulted in of such a cake...
Also, I accidentally left my Birchbox subscription running and got the best box ever out of it! I particularly love the coconut & vanilla mineral deodorant <3

Death in Paradise   ♥   Lemon Drizzle green tea from Twinings Teashop


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