Sunday 15 January 2017

Killer Body v2 - Level 3

   Ooof! I'm so proud of myself - I gave level 3 of Killer Body v2 three weeks, not two! And the funniest thing is, even after 8 weeks of using these two DVDs, I'm really sad to see the back of them!  I didn't expect that...
   Level 3 of both Killer Arms & Back and Killer Buns & Thighs were both intense, but surprisingly easier than level 2 - for me, at least. I've found this before, and I think it's because I've used a lot of Jillian Michaels workouts and so I'm familiar with a lot of the moves. So the moves in level 1 are, of course, more basic than the other two, so they're easier to grasp and easier to complete. Level 2, however, increases the intensity and often features new moves, and they are harder, but when I get on to level 3, which is supposed to be the hardest, I find moves similar to other DVDs which weren't separated by level but rather intense from the very start. So I think that familiarity helps - not that that's to say it's easy, mind you, but knowing the moves means I can put more in and improve upon my depth and range of motion.

   I felt that the difference between level 1 and level 2 was a bit bigger than it should have been, more like a level and a half than a single level, and that was why I gave level 2 three weeks instead of two. The idea of moving on to level 3 after two weeks didn't sit right with me, and I do feel it was the right choice. But even so, level 3 wasn't as bad as I'd expected, and the difference between 2 and 3 felt more like a single level difference. It was a suitable jump and it still pushed and provided a challenge - one I certainly needed after Christmas, Seeg's birthday on Dec 28th and my own on Jan 9th! And I completed it with the  brightest of colours and biggest of smiles.

   Frequent readers know I usually change my workout every month, so I never usually give anything more than a straight run of 4-5 weeks, and this was already supposed to be the 'big one' at 6 weeks (two weeks per level) because of Christmas gorging, but it turned out to be 8 weeks instead. And I want to keep going!
   It's been such a satisfying workout, to be honest - I feel an enormous difference in my legs, my bum and my back, and I'm so, so pleased about it! I fully intend to return to these two DVDs, perhaps together, perhaps one at a time, but definitely again this year!

   I'll provide a DVD review for the both of them soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested! Otherwise, despite how keen I am, I've got a new Kettlercise DVD lined up for February, and I don't want to jump from one intense workout right into another as it goes again my 'stop over-working myself' resolution, so I'm going to take two weeks off to do other random workouts, revisiting old DVDs and trying a couple I got for Christmas and my birthday! There's one in particular I'm very keen to try, so much so that I'm going to go as far as to make it my prioritised workout for two weeks, with a review at the end. And that begins tomorrow!


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