Tuesday 31 January 2017

#Fabletics21 Meditation - Week 3

   I almost forgot to write this post. I suppose that's testament to how true the 21 day rule can be. Do something often enough and you'll stop thinking about it and do it automatically. I even scrapped the meditation timer - this past week was supposed to range from between 11 and 15 minutes, but I don't think any day saw less than 16, owing to three particular tracks on the shakuhachi CD I mentioned last week.
   And it's been nice. I've been happier, I've been more patient - honestly, if I'd read this from someone else, I'd think they were just throwing out buzz words or being pretentious, but it's genuinely amazing the effect 10-15 minutes of meditation can have. Not every day, necessarily, but when you need it, my goodness, it can work wonders.

   I don't care if I look pretentious doing it, because the chill-out time far outweighs the concern of someone else's opinions. And with all the political nonsense going on lately, some of which affects me quite directly, I've really, really, really needed an outlet or I think I would have cried and screamed 18 times by now. But I haven't, because I breathed and slowed my thoughts down instead, and because of that, I've been able to handle it so well and actually take necessary steps rather than let myself become paralysed by it.
   Not only that, but my writing has improved - the first of the two books is almost finished, and it's at such a good standard, completely outshining my last book, and I feel so ridiculously good about it.
   And though my Etsy shop, Myth of the Wild, has been suffering big time lately, rather than obsess over it but not actually do anything about it, I've been taking the approach of a buyer rather than a seller and tweaking it from that angle instead. It's too soon to see if it's working, but I have hope. I have to have hope. It's been doing so badly I can't afford to advertise anymore, and that means my shop takes an even bigger hit. But such is life, I guess.

   I'll write a proper round-up for #Fabletics21 Meditation in a few days. For now, I'll leave you with the promise that taking a moment to breathe deeply and slow your thoughts really does do what all us pretentious lambs say it does.


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