Monday 28 September 2015

October - Ripped In 30 Repeat

   I rather enjoyed Ripped In 30 back in May - it's sort of like the 30 Day Shred in that you're expected to work every day for 30 days and there are progressive levels to work at, but you change levels every week rather than every 10 days.
   It's tougher than the shred, though. I'd say it was the next level; complete that and move on to this.
   I admit that my mind has been a little too busy with working on planning out my next book before the Christmas rush takes over my shop, so I've not actually looked into buying a new DVD and nothing has popped out at me on websites or in magazines to try instead, but I'm happy to repeat what was a really great workout.
   So, no, nothing new this month either, but after having worked myself to a migraine and overworked myself in general through September, I think I need to take on a more familiar workout. I have some in mind that I've just not gotten around to purchasing yet, so I'm hoping that November will finally see a new workout, but for the time being, this will do.

   I've been pre-occupied with planning out my next book because I want to start writing it in January, and while that's a way off, come mid-October I'll probably be too busy to focus on much besides my shop until the middle of December - at least, if the last three years are any indication.
   On the bright side, though Christmas prep is a lot of work, my art exhibit in Slimbridge's WWT centre is coming down on the 12th of October and everything that's left (I have no idea how many pieces have sold) will be listed on Etsy instead, so I should have a good number of unique and pre-made pieces that I can sell without the stress of having to put them together. Everything in my shop is made on-demand to save resources, but this does mean it can get time-consuming. I do try to make some of the bankable pieces like foxes in advance so that when things really hot up in December, I'm prepared. But with any luck, the exhibit pieces will help not only provide my shop with fresh items and offer customers more choice, but also reduce the stress.
   I'm also working on participating in Inktober again this year, and I'm hoping to participate in NaBloPoMo again, too. Trust me to take on more than I can handle at the busiest time of the year, but no matter!

   I'll try to update on the fitness side of things later this month, but odds are that I'll be too swamped with other things. If you're interested in the review of the DVD or a breakdown of the individual levels, just check out the original collection of posts I wrote back in May. I doubt this month will go much different to last time.


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