Monday 29 September 2014

Monster Sleep Mask & Tiny Totoro Necklace

   I've added two new products to my shops recently - both Peaches and Pebbles and Grumble Cave Monsters - and at last there are more to come! I'm also going to rephotograph some of the existing products as their quality has improved over the past year, but for now, here are the two newest:

   A sewing pattern for a monster sleep/eye mask - it's a really simple pattern, and let's be honest, if I can do it, anyone can. It's got soft, plush horns that don't get in the way while you're lying on your side, and button/cabochon eyes for comfort for you while giving the mask eyes. The pattern supplies templates to print or copy onto paper by hand, instructions and a materials list. It's an immediate download, and, as with all my sewing patterns, it's 3 for 2 - add three sewing patterns to your cart and apply the code 3FOR2PATTERNS for the price of one pattern to be knocked off.

   And then there's Totoro! A tiny Totoro in a jar necklace, just like my other animal jars but with a cute anime twist! £18 and ships worldwide, and would make a great Christmas gift for anime lovers. Totoro is about 6-7mm, and the jar measures just under 2.5cm in height and 1cm wide. It's much, much smaller than it looks in the picture!


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