Thursday 4 September 2014

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I find myself both sad and amazed by Lyuba, the 42,000 year old mummified baby mammoth. Its preservation is absolutely astounding, though looking at the pictures I can't help feeling a little disrespectful for gawking. Plenty of info and many pictures.

How flexible are you? I've never been particularly flexible, but since I started doing yoga a few months ago I've felt a lot looser, and I shocked myself by scoring 33 out of 36 on this test (29-36 is the highest bracket).

I'd never tried microwave mug cakes before, but I needed a sugar fix a few weeks ago and came across this post with a few recipes and information about it. A normal cake can't be beaten, but given that everything I do in the kitchen fails astoundingly, I couldn't believe how well it went!

They wasted the name 'Dreadnaughtus' on a herbivore.


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