Wednesday 2 July 2014

Raspberry Cider Cupcakes with Stella Artois Cidre

   I've wanted to try a few alcohol recipes lately but I've not known where to start on the alcohol front since I don't really drink. Fortunately I had the opportunity to work with Stella Artois and their new Raspberry Cidre, and cider is about the only thing I do drink, if I drink (I know, I know, I live in Bristol, what a surprise). So I was quite excited to try it out!

   I did a little research first because the last thing I wanted was to ruin the cakes, the drink or the kitchen, but it's quite safe to replace water in recipes with alcohol. So that's what I did! Replacing the water in a standard cupcake recipe or box mix with the cider, adding a little more than needed just to be sure, posed no problems in the baking process. When I added it to the mixture, it did fizz up a little due to the baking soda but there were absolutely no problems and it settled in seconds. I was concerned that the cakes might dry out in the oven since water and alcohol are two different things, but the oil kept them nice and moist.

You Will Need:
1 1/4 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
1 cup Stella Artois Raspberry Cidre
1/3 cup oil

1) Preheat the oven to gas mark 4/180 C/350 F.

2) Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl, then add the oil and cider and mix it all together. The mixture will fizz, but it's nothing at all to worry about. Mix it all together until there are no lumps.

3) Spoon the mixture into cake wrappers and put them in the pre-heated oven. Leave them for about 20 minutes or until a knife/skewer comes out clean.

4) Once cooled, decorate as desired. I used Betty Crocker's vanilla frosting because I am hopeless at making buttercream, icing or anything like that on my own, and topped them off with some raspberries. I also used the left over mixture to make little heart-shaped petit fours - they didn't work, but I was able to salvage them with a small heart-shaped cookie cutter, and put them on top of some of the cakes.

They tasted just like the cider, I was quite surprised! Seeg hadn't had any of the left-over cidre (don't you dare judge me) so he didn't notice the identical taste, but he said they tasted just like raspberries, so that was awesome :D 

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  1. They look yummy!!! I've never tried raspberry cider but I love raspberries and cakes so I may give this recipe a try.

    Kat x


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