Thursday 17 July 2014

Glittery Bottle Vase DIY - Etsy #CIJParty 2014

   This is a DIY I've been meaning to show for quite some time - since Christmas, actually! So I figured that now was a good time to put it up, just in time for the Etsy Christmas In July Craft Party!

   Given my mum's disability, it's very difficult to know what to get her as a gift, so she usually ends up with things she can look at or wear, and...well, even that is hard. So I decided I'd make her something. Something simple and rubbish, really, but she liked it, as did my dad, and 6 months on it's still got a central position in the house, so that's great.

   I also admit that we cheated. My mum likes flowers but, y'know, they die, and when they die there's nothing to look at, so I bought a fake flower instead. She loves poppies, and roses (hence my late dogs' names Poppy and Rosie), but she already has a fake rose so I decided to go the poppy route, and coloured the vase to match. She's always liked black and red, too.

   Yes, the vase is a bottle. A Shloer bottle, to be precise. I love Shloer.

You Will Need:
A vase or bottle
Washi/masking tape
Mod Podge/glitter paint
Additional glitter

1) Take some of your masking tape and arrange it on the bottle to create a sort of stencil to keep the lines straight. I used washi tape because I couldn't find my masking tape, just make sure the washi tape sticks down properly, some of them aren't very tacky and have a tendancy to lift off.

2) Using your Mod Podge or glitter paint, start filling in the area to be glitterified. The glitter paint I had was extremely disappointing, so I ended up having to use glitter. Work in patches to make sure it doesn't dry before you get the chance to act. Once you've covered a patch, move it over something that will catch the glitter to avoid headaches later and sprinkle glitter over it. This will be relatively thin to start with, but once you've gone around it once, leave it to dry and them come back to it and do it again. Once it's dry, give it another layer of paint or Mod Podge to seal it, but DON'T remove the tape until you're completely happy with it.

3) Once you're satisfied, remove the tape and then add more to work on the other side, but DON'T put any of the tape over the part that's already been done or you risk pulling some off. You're just going to have to be careful at the border. Repeat step 2!

4) Remove the tape once it begins to dry. Don't leave it on until it's all completely dried or you risk chipping and peeling it. 

   Hey presto! A new vase. Have fun cleaning up the glitter you've doubtlessly spilt - it happens to the best of us, but you'll be finding little specks of it on your cheek for days no matter how well you clean it up. Somehow it just finds you...

   Happy Etsy Craft Party! And, y'know, just throwing it out there, my sale lasts until the 20th, just like everyone else's!

   I'd love to see the colour schemes and designs anyone else does! Drop me a line and I'll post a picture you provide me with on this post!


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