Thursday 22 May 2014

Spring Seedling Cupcakes Tutorial

   These cute little spring and summer seedling flower pot cakes are so easy, and would look great at a garden tea party! Use chocolate cake mix and green fondant or sugar paste, and find yourself some tiny little terracotta pots - they can be found in all kinds of sizes in most garden centres, but be sure to measure your cupcake wrappers first.

   They're so cute, but they're SO simple! The hard part is really just finding pots the right size. I could almost find pots the right size for ordinary cupcakes, but most of them were either 1cm too big or 1 cm too small, and I wanted the cake cases to be hidden, but not for the cakes to just disappear inside, so instead I went for petit four/mini cupcakes. I have a small 12-slot Wilton petit four pan and lots of wrappers, and when I measured them they were the perfect fit for a set of 10 48mm terracotta pots I found on Amazon.
   I used a box mix - judge me all you like - and made a tray of the little cakes. I didn't bake them in the pots because I had no idea how they'd hold up, and I figured they probably wouldn't be food-safe either. When they were done I popped them in to see if they would fit and it was just perfectly snug.

   I made little leaves and sprouts out of green fondant, and I hurried the drying process along with this little gem, then made a small hole with a skewer in the top of the cake, put a little bit of chocolate frosting on to encourage things to stay put without absolutely covering it, and pressed the sprout in and stuck a leaf next to it. They don't look like much out of the pot, but presentation is everything in this case.

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