Thursday 6 March 2014

World Book Day Sale!

   Happy World Book Day everyone! I remember when I was in primary school I loved it. We'd be given a £1 book voucher that could be used in any book shop either as £1 off of any book we wanted, or to get a free book valued at £1 that was brought out specially for this day. They were quite small books, but perfect for primary school children like I was. I would go around collecting all the book vouchers from friends who didn't want them and I'd get myself LOADS of £1 books.
   I also remember that for the week of World Book Day, my primary school would hold a book market in one of the school halls - it sounds more awesome than it actually was in hindsight, but as a kid I loved it. I'd go around after school, telling the teachers which books I wanted and they would hold them for me until I had money. I'd go home and tell my mum I needed £15 for all the books (remember when an ordinary book would cost £3.50?) I'd put by and they were angry with me - in typical English fashion, once you've reserved something you MUST pay for it, you can't simply say "I know you've been holding this item for an hour, and you could very easily sell it to someone else in the next few days, but I no longer wish to own it so please put it back on the shelf for one of any number of other people to buy." So they gave me the money and I got my books. Fortunately for my parents and unfortunately for me, when I got to high school that kind of thing stopped, but I still have fond memories of World Book Day and all the wonders the books around me held. I still consider books to be one of my favourite things. As cheesy as it sounds, they're doors to new worlds, especially when you read fantasy as much as I do.

   So, in celebration of World Book Day, my book flower rings, necklaces and gift sets have been reduced in price! If you have a discount code it can still be used on the items to get them for even less. This sale only lasts today. I'll be manually putting the prices back tomorrow around 10am, so to be honest, regardless of your time zone, today means today.


  1. I've always loved World Book Day too! With my mum working at the same primary school I went to, it was always a great asset as I was able to buy the book the same day! Or my mum would lend me £10 before we school started. I still have fond memories of it at Secondary school to, although I didn't buy nearly as much books or dress up. Every year since I stopped getting the vouchers I'd try and get my mum to get some for me!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. I wish I had dressed up. It was on Heart radio yesterday, talk of kids dressing up, my school (the most boring school ever, they banned everything - pokemon cards, gel pens, anything REMOTELY enjoyable) never did that. Such a bummer! I was half tempted to dress up yesterday and just sit in my living room.
      Oh awesome, your mum worked at your school. I always wished mine did :P I had no friends in primary school so I made friends with the dinner ladies instead.


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