Tuesday 4 March 2014

Mother's Day Custom Animal Necklaces

   It's Mother's Day on the 30th of March, and I just thought I'd take a moment to remind you all that I am open to custom jar necklaces. They range from £25 to £35 depending on the amount of work involved (I' give you a quote up front) and have £2 shipping in the UK. Mother's Day for the rest of the world is in May, I believe, but if you're outside the UK, remember that it will take longer than just 2 days to get to you! So it's best to get a head start. Shipping anywhere outside of the UK on these pieces will be £3.50.

   If you'd like a custom animal jar of a different animal than listed in my shop (like a snail or a monkey) then I may well need to test the shape first. In this case I will simply tell you I'm not certain if I can do it or not, and that day will sit down and attempt the shape. Unless my internet fails, you will hear from me the next day with whether or not I can do it. If I can then I will make a custom listing for you to purchase before I paint it and put it together.
   If you'd like a jar of a specific pet, I will require photographs of the front, back and both sides of the animal so that I can see the markings. Please note that if it's, for example, a dalmation, I won't be able to get every single spot in place, but I will make sure that there are clusters where there are clusters, and that the faces are painted as accurately as possible. If however it's something like a ferret with a standard coat, you won't need to provide me with lots of pictures but I will need to make sure I've got the colours right.
   So far I've only done dogs, and, on one occasion, three little ratties. I'm happy to try other animals, though, but as suggested above, I might need to test the shape first.
   These custom jars are made much, much more carefully than standard animal jars because they are generally one of a kind. The jars stocked in my shop are simpler because I make them in groups and expect to make even more once they're gone. These, however, won't be reproduced unless of course I receive a request for two of the same pet, but even then they will have a better shape than any others in my shop.
   Due to the detail of custom pieces they tend to be too big to fit in a narrow jar, so custom animals are limited to 2x3cm jars. The chain can be either 16 inches or 18 inches.

  • Range from £25-£35 depending on detail. Please assume the latter to avoid disappointment. You will be given a quote upon your enquiry.
  • Shipping costs £2 within the UK and £3.50 (approximately $5) outside of the UK.
  • Please purchase before March the 19th for UK Mother's Day (March 30th).
  • Please purchase before April 10th for overseas Mother's Day (May 11th).
  • Requests made afterwards may still arrive in time but I can't guarantee it.
  • Items are not shipped tracked overseas as tracking adds an additional £10 to the postage price. Ouch.
If you're interested, drop me a line on Etsy.



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