Tuesday 10 December 2013

Win Your Christmas Shopping on Me!


   It's almost Christmas, and I hit 200 sales the other day - I'm feeling quite festive and in quite the gift-giving mood, so I decided that, to celebrate, rather than host or sponsor a giveaway, I'd try something new and take a leaf out of Paperchase's book: offer shopping on me - winners, at random, will have their purchase with me fully refunded. The idea is simple: all purchases from Peaches and Pebbles placed between the 10th to the 24th of December will be entered into a draw, and on the 26th, 25% of those sales (meaning if 4 purchases were made, there would be 1 winner; 8 purchases made there would be 2 winners and so on) will be refunded through their chosen payment methods (paypal or direct checkout) and the customers contacted with a congratulatory message.

   You don't have to do anything to enter except purchase something. Every purchase is eligible to win, regardless of order size or shipping destination. Please note, though, that if you don't win, I won't be refunding you because you "only purchased because you expected to win", so please purchase responsibly. If you don't hear from me by the 27th of December, then, unfortunately, you have not won. This is something that I am likely to try again in the future at other milestones - 250 sales, 300 and so on. This is quite a different and exciting competition, I think, so I hope it will go well! Not only that, but the more people who purchase, the greater the number of winners.

Winners will be chosen at random using an automatic number randomiser which will number all orders received from '1' to however many were placed during the promotion period (10th-24th December 2013). Winners will be drawn, contacted and refunded on December 26th. If you have not been contacted by December 27th, you have not won. Please purchase responsibly. The number of winners will be determined by the number of sales received during the promotion period; 25% of total orders received during the promotion period will be the number of winners. If there were 16 orders placed, then there would be 4 winners. If there are an odd number of entries, the 25% will be rounded up - ie if there are 5 entries, there will be 2 winners, not 1). Winners will be refunded via the method they chose when purchasing. Winners will be refunded only what they have payed; discount codes that were used during the purchase will be kept in mind while being refunded (ie if a 25% off code was used at checkout, they will be refunded the full amount they payed for a product, ie '£15', not the '£20' retail price).
Terms are subject to change if the number of orders received is far higher than expected. There will be no more than 15 winners. If there are more than 60 entries, which is unlikely, the number of winners will rise no higher than 15. Good luck to all participants!


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