Tuesday 17 December 2013

Last Orders and Current December Promotions

   Well, Christmas is just a week away now, and with just six more delivery days to go, you have until (and including) Friday to get your Christmas orders in. I won't be heading to the post office again after the 20th - though I may admittedly make an exception or two and take a quick trip up on Saturday morning to post some stragglers, though Royal Mail can't guarantee those. Otherwise, I won't be posting again until the 30th, assuming the post office will be open then.

   There are also only 7 fox jars left. I doubt I'll get my hands on any new jars before Christmas so the number available on the listing is literally all I have for now. So if you want one, get in quick!

   Alternatively, I can make custom animals - not any animal, mind you, but feel free to get in touch and I can see what I can do. These will need to be commissioned (meaning talked about, agreed upon and payed for) within the next 24 hours for them to reach you by Christmas.

Christmas/December Promotions

   Win Your Shopping On Me competition - this promotion is still in full swing! A quarter of the purchases that are made in my shop between the 10th and 24th of December will be refunded fully - the winners will be chosen at random, and the full number of winners will depend on the full number of orders, so that 1 in 4 will win! All you have to do to win your entire purchase for free is to purchase from my shop between the 10th and 24th of December - it's that easy! And it doesn't matter where the order will be shipped to, or how much or little you buy - every transaction is entered. Winners will be notified on the 26th and subsequently refunded.

   Free Gifts With All December Purchases - does as it says on the tin.

   One Of The Next 5 Orders Will Get a VERY Special Free Gift - one of the next five orders received will get a very special and exclusive free gift I've made just for Christmas. It's a secret, though, so only the winner will know what it is, and it will be up to them whether or not they share it on twitter, their blog and so on. It's the season of giving and I'm going all out this year!



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