Friday 9 August 2013

Unscheduled Hiatus

   Hello everyone! First let me apologise for the radio silence. I took a very sudden hiatus that I admit was a bit out of the blue. It started with WoW. I had sent a message to my favourite trading card shop asking if they needed any affiliates for the WoW trading card game, and they told me that have affiliates for other card games, but none for WoW, so they were interested. My stats weren't really good enough for them to affiliate with me on the spot, but it was good enough to catch their attention. They gave me a discount code for people to use on their online store so that they can monitor any sales I make them, but they also offered me a product for a giveaway. It was a substantial product, so I wanted to put the work in to bring my blog to life a little more. Well, I certainly did that. I ended up churning out about 20 posts (the majority of which aren't even up yet) and got a nice following, too. I get almost as many hits on my WoW blog a day as I do on this one, and this blog is 2 years old, while The Wyvern's Tail is just over two months old. So I'm really pleased with it! This has, however, resulted in me playing a lot more WoW, and it's become more dominant than other things at the moment. I've also entered into a sort of photography challenge competition, but instead of actual photography, it's screenshots, and it's a daily thing, so I'm paying a lot of attention to that, too.

   I've not taken a hiatus from my shop, though - all sales are taken care of at my usual pace - but this blog, twitter, facebook and all the rest has somewhat fallen quiet.
   I also had a 5-day weekend a week or so ago, which I spent watching Seeg play Fallout: New Vegas again, and we're in the midst of another 5-day weekend right now, spent in a similar fashion, but I've been working on some projects throughout. I won't say what the projects are, though, because I have a habit of jinxing things like you wouldn't believe. So I'm not saying, showing or hinting at anything until some of them are actually finished.

   Everything is fine with me, however, aside from being on the poor side, so I apologise to the one or two of you who were worrying about me. Worry no longer! The hiatus was much needed, to be honest, because I've felt like I'm burning out on a lot of things, and I now feel quite refreshed. I also had a surprise visit from my best friend who I hadn't seen since March, and we're made plans to go out a week from now. I know. I'm leaving the house. I'm actually fretting a lot about it. Once you get into the habit of not going out, the idea of doing so is scary. I'm not agoraphobic or anything, I'm just more adjusted to staying in. But it will be good.

   I have been working on a few tutorials, one of which went up last week for miniature pinatas, so I've not completely forgotten about my blog, and another tutorial is coming soon, with another in progress. This is perhaps the most useful thing I've made, because I've found myself using it literally every day, so, for once, it wasn't totally wasted time. Either way, I'll be returning slowly now. I think I might interview and feature a few Etsy shops soon, though, if just for the sake of content! If you're interested in being one of them, drop me a line and I'll have a look in your shop. If I don't like your stuff (as in it doesn't appeal to me - knitted goods, for example) then I won't feature you, but I beg you not to take it personally, because it won't be. If you're unsure whether or not I'll like your stuff, drop me a line anyways. You might be surprised!


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