Saturday 17 August 2013

A Quarter Of... Online Sweetshop

   You may have all noticed that a banner has been added to the bottom of my posts, featuring an image of looaads of sweets. Well, I thought I'd take the time to explain.
   My mum bought from A Quarter Of..., who call themselves a retro sweet shop, some years ago for Christmas - it was a big, magical order for us kiddies. She bought from them several times afterwards, and I did a few years later, but I soon forgot about it for years. Then, a few months ago after drooling over some pieces, I bought a gift for a friend on there. Shortly afterwards, I made a nice purchase for Seeg and I made up of Millions and marshmallows. Since then we've ordered a few times more, and their website is just as awesome as it was when I was younger.
   Any sweet you can think of from your childhood is stocked - and if it isn't, they'll get it in for you! It's awesome. They have all of my favourites - cinder toffee, flying saucers, foam shrimps - it's awesome. But not only that: their website is navigational in a really awesome way. You can search by type - crunchy, sour, chocolate, soft etc - you can search by flavour - pear, cola, strawberry, sarsaparilla (I don't know what that is, but after watching Fallout New Vegas for so long I can only image in regenerates health) - by sugar-free, gluten-free and gelatin-free, and, my favourite, by colour. They even stock gift vouchers and hampers, and ship worldwide!

   Well, after my mum and I being long-time customers, even if I did forget about it for a while, I'm now affiliated. This means that I'm helping them to gain further exposure so that they can expand their business. I've seen a lot of different online sweetshops, and none of them have the range that this one does, which is probably why my mum chose them in the first place. So if you're craving some sweets from your childhood, or a special gift for anyone, have a look there. Like I said before, A Quarter Of... stock gluten-, sugar- and gelatin-free sweets, and all quantities are - you'd never guess - a quarter of a kilogram, minimum (unless you buy a packet of sweets like a multi-pack of refreshers or something similar).


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