Sunday 9 September 2012

Grumble Cave Monsters - Opening Monday!

   Yes, that's right, I've finally got the shop together. I had hoped to have put a preview post together sooner but I've been completely swamped lately! I also hoped to have some tutorials up by now, too, but along with the business, my parents have also gone on holiday for the week so Seeg and I will probably be busy doing different things to normal.
   But, I've finally found the time to show you all what I've been working on!

   My original plan was to open on October 1st, but after remembering how long it can take for anyone to actually see new shops and for that first sale to finally arrive - that fact joint with how much work I'd already managed to do for the shop - I decided I was ready to open my shop early.

   I still have 3 monsters waiting to be made, but I managed to put together one monster more than my bare minimum to open up with, and I've photographed them today. I'm really on top of things this time, I've got my boxes ready, I've got my shop name ready, I've written my listing descriptions, my policies, my About page (I think) and my shop info. I've just made some Mini Moos for product tags/business cards (along with some new cards for Peaches and Pebbles), and while I don't have them yet, I feel I'm ready for business.

   I've copyrighted the name and designs, and I'm raring to go! I've more or less got my prices - which will also be discounted as introductory/christmas sale prices, and will change to full price at the beginning of January. Keep your eyes open tomorrow for an opening announcement post with the link and a special discount code for the first few days!


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