Wednesday 5 September 2012

Free Giveaway Agreement Form

   Heads up everyone, while the $30 giveaway I won mid July has still not been fulfilled, and recalling one giveaway I myself hosted in the past where I am quite certain the prize was never sent, I put together an agreement that giveaway hosts can send the prize donators before going through with the giveaway.
   It's not really binding in any legal way, but a promise is a promise, and just because a lawyer can't necessarily scare someone into fulfilling this, fraud is fraud, lies are lies, and broken promises are broken promises all the same.

   The Giveaway Agreement Form is a short and simple one, but it's to the point, as I'm sure you can see from looking at the form itself. It is a Google Document that, upon receipt, the prize donator is asked to copy the full document into a word pad of somekind, add their full name, shop name, and email address to the bottom of it, and then email that copy back to the sender - the giveaway post. I've written it in as direct and specific way as I can, hopefully leaving no loopholes.

   Have a read and bookmark it for the next time you host a giveaway. It won't necessarily stop the fraud, but it should work in scaring off individuals who were not planning on shipping the prize, and hopefully either convince them to change their mind, or not go through with the agreement or the giveaway at all.

PS. With any luck, content will start reappearing
here soon. I've been super busy, and probably will
be for the next week and a half at least, but I've not
forgotten you! I promise! ♥ I have some
tutorials planned, too!


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