Tuesday 24 January 2012

New Valentine Piece

Yeees, I'm still waiting on those vials. It's a pain because I can't relist my two best sellers,
both of which have great ties with Valentine's day! I'm so upset about it, but I guess
the bottles take as long as they take to get here. I bought a second lot in case the first got lost
in the post, but there could be other kinds of delays instead. Who knows?

But, I've got my adhesive, and so I give you a special Valentine's Exclusive ring!

 This ring, along with my Lace Locket, are exclusives and won't be available again this year
after the 29th February. So snatch them up while they're available!

Also, I'm still working on those Valentine's Day tutorials. I have a few ideas, but I can't get
them done until the sun decides to show itself. I wish I'd done it on Sunday :( Nevermind!
Maybe tomorrow will have more luck.


  1. kim! add your email to your blogger account so that i can respond to your love comments!


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