Sunday, 23 March 2014

Shiny Skrelp + Pokerus

   Seeg doesn't buy me things and he doesn't make me things. He shows his love in less tangible ways, but ways that mean a lot. But when he does do it in a tangible way, he does it in a way typical of himself. Like spending hours trying to get me a pok√©mon that is exclusive to his game (each Pok√©mon game comes out in 2 versions, at the moment it's X and Y, and each version has some pok√©mon exclusive to that version but is tradable to the other), which is also a shiny, and put it in a luxury ball so it sparkles when it comes out.
   Skrelp is one of my favourite pok√©mon of the current generation, and is basically a leafy sea dragon. I love leafy sea dragons, and this pok√©mon is both adorable, and actually quite good. It's also contracted pokerus from one of his pok√©mon, which is a pokemon virus, which is 33% less likely to occur than a shiny, so it's bloody rare, and increases the stats of the pok√©mon a little more than usual each time it levels up. So whether you give a crap about pok√©mon or not, the image shown below is not something many people ever see for themselves.

   He's played more or less every Pok√©mon game and only seen 4 shinnies, which are rare versions of the normal pok√©mon with different colours, so for him to have not only found one, but found one of the pokemon I wanted and then to give it to me, it means a hell of a lot. Like I said, he doesn't do many tangible things, but when he does, he does it in his own fashion, and because it's so infrequent, it means a hell of a lot.
   It's level 55, and should have evolved at level 48 but I had to give it an Everstone to stop that because I didn't have a photograph yet D:


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