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   Welcome to A Blackbird's Epiphany, my little corner of the internet! My name is Kim, I'm 28, and I'm probably not who you might expect.

   I'm obsessed with fitness - that much you probably already noticed - and I work out 4-5 days a week with a range of activities, and I've lost a lot of weight and increased my strength and stamina - but I'm too shy to post pictures of myself, even as a UK size 8 (down from 16, thank you).
   But I've been told by many that I don't look like the raging nerd I am. I love games, geology, natural history documentaries, Star Trek, Stargate, Bleach, Naruto and, above all else, fantasy. I've dreamed of being a published fantasy writer since I was 12 and have worked non-stop towards that goal since - and finally, after 13 years and countless stories, I finally released my debut stand-alone fantasy novel, The Archguardians Of Laceria in 2016!

   Video games are actually my favourite form of entertainment. I've been a World of Warcraft player for 11 years with no end in sight (for the Horde), I've played Skyrim and Oblivion to death and I love them to pieces. Mass Effect is the only game with guns in it I've ever managed to play, but I've still not finished the trilogy, and there's little I love more than watching my boyfriend, Seeg, play a new game. We always buy the new Pokemon games on the 3DS and play them through together. My absolute favourite game is The Witcher 3, with The Last Of Us coming in second.

   I love to craft, but I'm not very good at it. Occasionally I'll hit upon a winner and a craft tutorial will appear on the blog, but unless it's to fill an order placed on Etsy, I rarely do it very often. Speaking of which, I also have a handmade jewellery shop filled with animal terrarium necklaces and book flowers called Myth Of The Wild.

   I'm also a full-time carer for my mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis, so I still live at home with my parents as she needs constant company, and my boyfriend lives with us - but I promise it's not awkward at all. My dad works full-time, and if I wasn't here to look after her, he would give up work.

   I married by husband in mid 2018, he is Dutch, and we visit his family in the Netherlands from time to time. They're incredibly wonderful people who I have a lot in common with. I consider myself quite lucky in that sense. My in-laws are awesome.

   I'm also slightly mad and talk to myself whenever no one else is in the room. I've always been that way, and I've found I'm able to better organise my thoughts that way, as well as improve my memory by saying things out loud, and get what I hope are really unique ideas for my books by being able to speak my train of thought out loud.

    Amongst all the nonsense on this blog, you'll find (hopefully) really helpful fitness posts that focus on the more technical side of health, fitness and weight loss. There are a lot of blogs out there that focus on healthy recipes and fitness routines, and I love them to bits, so what I hope to do is offer more information on how the body works, how food works and how exercise works. That way, with any luck, you can get even more out of other blogs' fitness routines and healthy recipes as you'll have a greater understanding for it all.
   There are also a number of fitness product reviews, and, following a month or so of use, fitness DVD reviews, too. I won't sugar-coat results, and with any luck I'll be able to answer any questions some of you out there may have about the more popular fitness DVDs, and even indie fitness DVDs. All of these can be found in my fitness archive.

   This blog started some time ago, originally to help me spread the word about my Etsy shop. It fell apart quickly because I had little to say and no one was interested, so I started blogging more personally and, subsequently, more frequently. Crafts erupted - some of you probably even found this blog through my miniature pinata DIY - but I soon discovered an unexpected passion for fitness. The blog was gradually taken over by it, and though I tried to fight it, I eventually gave up. It's one of my biggest passions, apparently, and there's little point trying to deny it. Crafts will still seep in from time to time, as will news about my shop, but I've finally stopped resisting: A Blackbird's Epiphany is a women's fitness blog, with a little bit of dabbling in craft.

   I've learned a lot about creating a successful blog over the years of muddling through, and was recently asked to contribute my thoughts to Your Parking Space. Read here: Experts' Round-Up: How To Create A Successful Business Online.


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