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I'm presently open to collaborating with both big and small brands for 2017.
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   As you probably saw from my product review archive page, I'm happy to write product reviews for a number of different things. I'm happy to review websites or individual products, and I'm also happy to review handmade products from Etsy, too, though I have set myself slightly different guidelines for reviewing handmade products to mass-produced products, which I will explain below.

Review Positivity
   Sending me a free product to review will not guarantee a positive post. If you send me a product that is appalling in quality, I will say so in the review - such as if it were to fall apart immediately or after just a few uses. I always give products two to three weeks of testing time when I can to ensure their durability and usage, as well as to familiarise myself with them if need be, such as cameras or other electrical goods. Some product types will be reviewed quicker, however, such as mugs and pictures. It depends, ultimately, on what kind of product they are.
   If a product is poor quality, it shouldn't be on the market, so if you deem your product to be at the sellable standard, then a positive review is more likely. It's common sense. You can't expect a positive review for a broken tea cup.

Review Guidelines
   As I mentioned above, I have slightly different guidelines for handmade goods and mass-produced goods. One such difference is durability. I automatically assume that handmade products are more delicate than mass-produced goods as they're made with different materials and by hand rather than machine more often than not. As such, I handle them more carefully and have different (not lower, different) expectations of handmade durability. But this also means that I may be a little rougher with mass-produced goods in comparison, and as a result I have a certain level of durability expectations from those, too. This isn't to say I will go easy on handmade product reviews, but it does mean that I don't compare them with mass-produced, even if they might be the same type of product.

Product Acceptance
   Unlike a lot of bloggers, I won't accept just any product to review. There's little use in me accepting a pair of high-heel shoes to review, for example, when every single pair I've ever worn have torn my feet to shreds (I wear trainers or a trusty pair of boots), because I don't have enough experience with such products to give a valid opinion. The same goes for baby products - I don't have any children, so I couldn't give a review. This is why I've put together a list of things I feel I'm capable of reviewing, and willing to. If you don't think your product can fit comfortably into any of these categories, you can either try getting in touch anyway and see if I'm interested - your product may be something I never considered when putting this list together - or try another blogger.

Products I Will Review:
I will review health and fitness products*, such as:
 - fitness epuipment
 - exercise kit
 - yoga accessories & kit
 - activewear
 - fitness or exercise DVDs
 - health and fitness books
 - post-workout recovery (shakes, shower gels, etc)
 - healthy snacks and organic food
 - fitness or healthy subscription boxes
 - tea, especially green
*a link to all health and fitness product reviews are also added onto the fitness archive page of the blog where they can be easily found by the appropriate audience.

I will review craft supplies**, such as:
 - pens, paints
 - clay
 - crafting kits ('make your own' and so on)
 - stationery and stationery gifts
**craft supplies may well also include a tutorial on a separate post if I believe the product is worthwhile and versatile enough. This is not a promise that can be made until I have received and tested the product, however.

I will review unique and unusual products and gifts, such as (quite literally off the top of my head):
 - printed marshmallows
 - string lights
 - dinosaur excavation kits
 - generally unusual gifts

I am personally passionate about geology, dinosaurs and the natural world; stamps; crafting; fitness; video games; fantasy; I drink a lot of tea.
I do not own an iPhone/iPad or anything like that; I don't have any pets or children; I never wear make up; I don't drink alcohol. Any products related to these points will be immediately rejected as I cannot review them fairly or knowledgeably.

   After having read the above and perhaps one or two actual product reviews as shown on the previous page, if you're interested in having me review your product, drop me a line. I'm UK-based, and I prefer to work with UK companies, but if your company is outside of the UK but you do ship to the UK or have UK-based distributors, I'm happy to work with you. I cannot guarantee how long any post will be, it will really depend on what kind of product I'm requested to review. For example, there's not much one can say about a cup, so a mug wouldn't get a long review, though every relevant point would be covered, whereas there could well be an awful lot to say about active wear or craft supplies.
   I'm more than happy to host a giveaway if you provide an additional product as a prize, and I'm prepared to ship the product myself worldwide as long as it falls within postage regulations - nail polish, for example, can't go overseas.

Disclaimer: Allowing me to keep a product will not guarantee a positive review. If your product is poor then I will say so. I will not be bribed, and products are not to be seen as payment. If it has been agreed that the product will be returned to the shop owner after a review, it will be sent standard with no tracking. If you wish or must pay for the return of your item, I will inform you of shipping prices with and without tracking so that you may choose what is suitable for you. Once it leaves my hands, it is no longer my responsibility. Here in the UK, once a product has been shipped, the sender is unable to obtain information as to its whereabouts, as it is considered the recipient's property from that point on. I cannot be held responsible for loss of product once it has left my hands. I will take photographs of my own of the products, but I may choose to use images from your website of similar products as well. If you would prefer I used only my own photographs then please say so in the initial agreements. Not all of the above listed product reviews were endorsed by the companies or sellers. Many of them are reviews of products I've purchased myself that I've wanted to share. Similarly, I won't accept a product to review if I know I will be incapable of reviewing it, which is why I've provided the above list of common blog topics and products I don't own.


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